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Chapter 4 – Audit Conclusions

The role of the Commission is to ensure that all appointments are made following a competitive merit-based selection process and that the principles in the Code of Practice are adhered to thus ensuring the appointment of the best person for the job.   The Commission is concerned to nurture a values-based culture of trust, fairness, transparency and respect for all, and to ensure that probity standards are subject to consistent, rigorous oversight through its audit function.

The Commission is satisfied, in the main, that the processes and procedures in place for the recruitment and selection for appointments in the Houses of the Oireachtas are in compliance with the Code principles.  The audit found that the appointment processes examined were designed and managed in a fair and transparent manner.  The Commission would like to acknowledge the commitment of the Office Holder to ensure that all appointments, including acting-up assignments, are made on merit following the selection of individuals with the competencies, experience and qualities that meet the needs of the organisation.  This is reflected in the clearly defined job descriptions and selection criteria based on the requirements of the particular role.

Based on its examination of the competition files the audit found evidence of clear and comprehensive supporting documentation for all stages of the process, including checklists for each stage and reporting arrangements following review at the conclusion of the process.  There was also evidence of open and active communication with candidates at all stages of the process to support a transparent process.

Following discussions with staff of the HR Recruitment Division with responsibility for managing recruitment and selection to the organisation it was also evident that there is a clear understanding of the requirements of the Code and the obligations on Office Holders to ensure compliance with the Code principles.